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Pete Seger: The Power of Song

A vibrant musical film. One of the 10 best documentaries of the year."

- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

An inspiring film..."

- Chris Hewitt, St. Paul Pioneer Press

An important figure, an important film."

- Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer

"One of the best personal histories ever set to film..."

- Ted Fry, The Seattle Times

"An affectionate, detailed portrait"

- A.O. Scott, New York Times

"A Stirring Revelatory Film"

- David Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

The Three Pickers

"The old-timey equivalent of Phil Spector's 'wall of sound'."

- Ben Ratliff, The New York Times

"For bluegrass fans, this is the holy grail!"

- Esquire

"Pop stars, headbangers and gangsta rappers would be hard-pressed to match the vitality and fleet-fingered virtuosity these bluegrass icons... nothing beats Earl Scruggs, Ricky Skaggs and Doc Watson."

- Dan Aquilante, The New York Post

"One achingly beautiful set of music. This is the sound of living history."

- Seth Mnookin, Newsweek

"Acoustic bliss... The playing is virtuosic and sublime..."

- Steve Morse, The Boston Globe

Wasn't That a Time

One of the year's 10 best films"

- Roger Ebert, 'Sneak Previews,' PBS-TV and Chicago Sun Times

Directed by Jim Brown this documentary has all the drama of a solid fiction film."

- Gene Siskel, The Chicago Tribune

This is a grand film... In its way it is a masterpiece, a tribute to the American spirit."

- The San Francisco Examiner

It's just a piece of humanity held up to light... Those Weavers, they had a time, and so did we all..."

- The Miami Herald

"...Jim Brown's joyous, heartfelt film about the Weavers is as honestly disarming as a movie can be."

- Janet Maslin, The New York Times

"A joyous and moving documentary..."

- The Los Angeles Times

"Is honestly disarming as a movie can be."

- Janet Maslin, The New York Times

American Roots Music

"One of the great examples of cultural diversity as social strength."

- The Los Angeles Times

"Brown deftly interweaves music, interviews and overview."

- The Washington Post

"Graceful storytelling rather than dry scholarship."


"Brisk, insightful, and legend-packed..."

- Boston Sunday Globe

"Stunning achievement."

- The Chicago Sun Times

Isn't This A Time!

Electrified the Toronto Film Festival..."

- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

A wonderful follow-up to [Jim] Brown's classic 1982 concert documentary... Deeply moving, rousingly entertaining..."

- Michael Wilmington, The Chicago Tribune

Isn't This a Time! lovingly encapsulates the music and the message, which is about neither giving up, nor shutting up."

- John Anderson, Newsday

"Genuinely touching..."

- Laura Kern, The New York Times

A Vision Shared

"Simply the best musical special in recent memory."

- Los Angeles Daily News

"The best music special of the year."

- TV Guide

"Remarkable, moving and beautiful television."

- The Boston Globe

"Superb entertainment."

- The Daily News

"It's one of those too good to be true specials."

- The San Francisco Tribune

"The hour show is the best music program on T.V. in years."

- The Fresno Bee

"I have never regretted the end of a film more. A fitting tribute to Guthrie, Lead Belly and the performers as well as Brown."

- The San Francisco Examiner

We Shall Overcome

"You can't help being touched and inspired by We Shall Overcome."

- The New York Times

"This extraordinary song remains at the heart of an extraordinary movement and is treated here with the acclaim it deserves."

- The Washington Post

"Director Jim Brown has assembled some rare film footage and matched it seamlessly with recent interviews. This technique is particularly brilliant."

- The Weekly Guardian

Musical Passage

"Musical Passage directed and photographed by Jim Brown is a feature length documentary that beautifully and without seeming effort, translates the filmmaker's admiration and affection for his subject into dramatic moving images."

- Vincent Canby, The New York Times

"A tender and glowing story of artists who survive to share their music, it - and they - are beautiful."

- TV Guide

"Musical Passage is an unaffected, unqualified delight!"

- The New York Times